Mistress Cecilia specializes in forced bisexuality and will make you a cocksucker!

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I know you are embarrassed to admit it, and you've been hiding this secret for years. Deep down, you really do know you want a dominant woman to take control and make you do forced bi. You know, forced bisexuality. Better yet, what you know you really are is a cock sucker. Admit it. You want a woman to orchestrate and demonstrate her supreme domination over you by making you do that one thing you never thought you'd possibly do: suck a big cock. You want to feel it between your lips, and you want her to force you.

This is your deepest and most secretive desire. No one has seen this fantasy of yours in the light of day, but Mistress Cecilia know this about you. She can see it in your eyes, and hear it in your voice. You want to get down on your knees, and you want to suck cock for her. Suck cock for her beauty, and suck cock for her dominance.

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